Main Hall

Main Hall has a stage and the hall can seat about 120 people without tables.

Capacity - As meeting room: 80 - As theatre: 120 - For dancing: 100

Size: 12m x 12m

Social Room

Social Room has an unstocked bar area. The measurements mentioned below include the bar area and although there are 40 chairs it seats less when the tables are used.

Capacity: As meeting room 40 : For dining 25

Size: 9m x 9m

Committee Room

Committee room has a wall mounted projection screen..

Capacity: As meeting room 40 : For dining 40

Size 10m x 6m


The kitchen is shared between all groups using the hall. It has two sinks, a microwave and refrigerator. It is stocked with cups, saucers, glasses, plates and cutlery.